a Pythagoras' Flower comic

October 2019 

A short comic made for the month of October. My best friend Chris suggested that I should make a comic for the month of October instead of the usual daily illustrations that I've been making the past few years. The idea was to work on one panel per day so that at the end of the month I would have a completed, 31-page comic. As the month went by I shared some of the panels and progress on my social media pages. It was a fun project that accommodated my busy schedule. This comic also gave me a chance to give the horror genre a shot.

"Come Little Pumpkins" features characters from my comic, "Pythagoras' Flower." It follows their mini detour when they stumble into a forest in the middle of the desert and meet a sprout person, Zachary, whose family has been abducted by Jakopo, a mage with a taste for pumpkins...

Adventure, Horror

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