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Comic Artist, Illustrator


A collection of short comics 

and illustrations

October 2019 – Present

Adventure, Horror

This is a collection of the illustrations and comics that I’ve made for Drawtober. The first edition features illustrations based o @SarahDandh's OC-tober prompt list. I'm currently in the process of creating more short comics for the next addition to this title. 

Short comics in this series:

  1. "Come Little Pumpkins" 

  2. "Carvings"

  3. "Wicked Apothecary"

  4. "Harvest Festival"

  5. "Closeted Demons"

  6. "Swindler"

"Ink Bleed" is available to read for free on Tapas, but can also be acquired though my Etsy store and at in-person events. 

"Come Little Pumpkins"